Shattered World

Session the First

New Friends delve into the depths of Ajax!

Deep in the Wild Islands two souls have unknowingly taken the first steps down a similar path, though the greatest seers couldn’t contemplate the twists and divergences that each is likely to take before they reach their destinations as great defenders of nature.

Perhaps drawn together by fate, perhaps just chance, or possibly by far darker design, Moka Toa and Taranaich Ap Aerie happened to meet on their journey southward, with the shared goal of reaching majestic Port Ajax! As a metropolis of diversity, unmatched in the known world, it was here that they each expected to learn more of the world, and of it’s varied inhabitants.

On arriving at Port Ajax it wasn’t long before these two nature worshipping elves came across a scene of abject cruelty, as a ratfolk teamster harassed and abused the giant Armadillo pulling his wagon. Ignoring the elves entreaties for calm, the driver quickly escalated his abuse, smashing a lantern on the armadillo, spilling burning oil across it. At this Moka Toa snapped, charging the wagon and hurling the driver to the ground. The other ratfolk teamsters quickly rallied, attacking the two elves. As Moka Toa freed the armadillo, things started to look dark for the two elves. As luck would have it, a passing Samsaran by the name of Yonten Dhargey joined the fray, lending ranged support to the elves. This quickly turned the tide, and despite an attempt to avoid killing, several ratfolk would not return to their families. Just as the last teamster was dealt with, a huge ratfolk warrior leapt to the fore, growling a challenge to the growing party. Judging that it was time to leave, Yonten lead Taranaich to a nearby patrol of the Argent Order, who pacified the ratfolk, and ordered that Moka Toa return the armadillo to it’s rightful owner.

Relieved by their victory/escape, and the discovery of a new friend in an increasingly hostile city, the trio paused to share a hug in the street. While hugging, they became aware of a fourth participant – a small crippled gnome identifying himself as Lakschmir Bodechai, or Lucky for short. On hearing of their recent attempts to ease animal cruelty, Lucky informed the party of a cult he had heard of who were reknown for their torture of animal sacrifices, adding that he had recently heard the cult leader bragging of a new dagger that he had found. Suddenly the party was joined by a fifth member, Sevik Wen, who expressed interest in the finding of the dagger, and pledged to help the elves and Yonten in their plan to face this cult and end their cruelty.

The next ceremony wasn’t to occur for 2 days, which passed quickly.

Following directions from Lucky, Yonten lead the team into the Waterways – a dark system of canals infiltrating the underbelly of the city as off-shoots of the main shipping canals. On approach to the cultists lair the group was attacked by a large dog-otter, identified as a Dobhar Chu. Despite surprising Sevik in a moment of vulnerability, the Dobhar wasn’t able to inflict much damage before being knocked unconscious – on suggestion from Moka Toa who recognised the Dobhar as being renown for their vengeful tendencies, and recalling legend of the mate of a killed Dobhar Chu hunting the killers for days.

Following this brief battle, the group came upon the cultists lair which was, as suggested by Lucky, a doorway guarded by two hooded men. Initially Sevik attempted a diplomatic approach, but this failed and resulted in a response that was almost lethal for Sevik. Luckily the rest of the party wasn’t far away and quickly incapacitated the guards, looting a key and proceeding into the lair.

Sneaking in, Moka Toa noted 4 cultists and the leader, who had clearly already sacrificed some animals, but had cages in the back of the room housing several more. Once again spurred by witnessing animal cruelty, Moka Toa charged the cultist leader, drawing the party into combat. Two cultists went down quickly, before Sevik tried the diplomatic approach again, this time with limited success – the cultist leader was happy to accept that Sevik would turn against the party, particularly as he had sensed a chaotic aura around Sevik. The new alliance, however, was shortlived. Sensing the pending victory of our heroes over his henchmen, the priest channelled negative energy, finishing off some of the wounded in the room, including his new friend Sevik!

After a frustrating dalliance with the ‘Fog Cloud’ spell, the party eventually pulled together and Taranaich beat him up with his shillelagh (if you know what I mean) while the priest cried that there were others like him, and that the great one was coming regardless. Sevik, who had healed himself, discovered that the priest’s dagger was not the one he sought, but was pretty good so he kept it anyway.

Before the party could depart an officious/cold/asshole swept into the room, generally putting people down and being important, stated that he had been investigating this cult due to suspicions that the cult leader was linked to one of the Border Princes. After looking at a ring snatched from the dead leader’s hand, he gave it to Taranaich and suggested that the party report to the Argent Order offices for repayment.

Reporting to the Argent Order, the party were informed that they had met with ‘The Wraith’, a legendary member of the Obsidian Watch – basically medieval federal police. The Sergeant performed a magical scan of the ring Taranaich presented, and informed them that they would be paid for any services rendered to the Order while carrying the ring, stating that it was a seal of the Obsidian Watch.


Taranaich Lakschmir

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