Shattered World

Session the First: Part 2

Even deeper depths..

While at the office of the Argent Order, the party were asked to investigate the recent disappearance of a mining party of dwarves.

They managed to track the dwarves to a cave on the coast to the north of Port Ajax, briefly being attacked by a group of giant crabs who were quickly pacified.

Investigation of the cave revealed some Giant Penguins, who did not seem perturbed to be there, or particularly reactive to the appearance of the party.

As they delved deeper, dwarven bodies started to appear – with clear markings of violent death, armour ripped open, weapons dripping a thick dark blue ichor or blood. In the distance the party ocassionally heard a bird-like cry ‘Tekeli-li’. Taranaich, who was raised with a deep affinity to birds could not place this cry, yet it inspired a deep fear in each of the hearers, temporarily shaking Yonten.

By the largest group of dwarven bodies the group also found the body of one of their assailants – a barrel bodied monstrosity, from it’s star shaped head, down through it’s multiple appendages and sets of wings, to it’s tentacle legs, this creature was nothing that any of them had ever dreamt of, and it reeked of not belonging to this world.

Moka Toa attempted to impersonate the bird-like sound, resulting in the apparent summons of a giant ooze-like creature, of no fixed shape, apparently producing eyes and limbs and other features as needed. This creature approached the group and hesitated before moving on.

Eventually the party was attacked by one of the creatures responsible for the cries of ‘Tekeli-li’, proving to be the same type of creature as the dead body found by the dwarves.

The party quickly agreed not to fight it, instead backing away. Unfortunately this was not quick enough and Sevik was knocked unconscious before being able to withdraw. To cause a distraction Moka Toa attempted the call again – this time to great effect. It once again seemed to summon the giant ooze, which immediately attacked the star-headed monster.

With their attacker well and truly distracted the party was able to drag Sevik to safety and withdraw from the cave.


I regret not taking 1hp as my favoured class option.

But perhaps Sevik will learn that not everyone holding a weapon or who is Made of Chaos wants to hear him talk about shit in their faces whilst casting ineffective spells.


Session the First: Part 2
Taranaich Lakschmir

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