Shattered World

Session the Second

Chapter 2: In a Manor of Spooking

The heavy bag of gold coins made a solid thud as Jukkuk plonked it on the table in front of Fred, along with a wooden cross bearing the same engraving of a young woman.

“What’s this?” retorted the Argent Order Watchman, casting a wary eye over the loot. He had sent the party off to investigate a suspicious case they had no leads on, where bodies had been turning up in the Watch cells with the same unidentifiable coins in their pocket.

“Evidence, just like you asked for” was the young Tengu’s brisk reply.

Looking confused, and mildly annoyed, Fred took a moment to think before blurting out, “What, from the mission we sent you on 4 weeks ago!? Where the hell have you guys been? We thought you’d skipped town. We finalised your pay and started clearing your shit out of the inn. We gave up on that case, and the murders and thefts stopped 3 weeks ago. Quite frankly, we are suspicious of you and your possible connection to the case.”

Confusion erupted as Taranaich rushed to a window to stare at the Sun and sky for a few a minutes. After a bit of verbal two and fro it was confirmed that four weeks had indeed passed, spurring Lucky to give a lively recount of what had happened in the single evening that had lapsed for the party since they were last at the Watch.

“We went up to this creepy manor, where the coins on your dead bodies had come from” he began (Yonten was able to identify the coins based on local knowledge), "And there was a massive gate and two scary fuckin’ looking guards who exploded into light when we killed them, and the gate swung open for us. So we went up to the manor through a misty marsh and ended up at this creepy ball, where everyone was wearing fine clothes, looking happy and dancing and talking with each other as if they wanted to dance, but they really didn’t want to be there. There was this creepy as woman who looked really nice, nice lookin’ lady wearing fine clothes, but she wasn’t under the enchantment, but she kept talking about how cool it was that everyone was enchanted. She’s clearly the one who murdered all those people including the children, and when I asked about it she had nothin’ to say, so I tried to dazzle her and she killed everyone on the dance floor without moving, and very nearly us, and then disappeared leaving us to fight this weird butler looking dude who we killed and tore in two pieces, and now we’re back here.”

To make sure nothing was missed, Jukkuk told the story again, using pretty much the exact same words, with more pauses and a heavier tone.

“This requires more investigating” said Fred, “We’ll take the coins and give you their market worth in Ajax gold, and we need you to report back here first thing in the morning. We’ll take this wooden cross too.” He would not listen to the adventurer’s manic pleas to burn the entire place to the ground, instead suggesting there was something deeper to uncover.

Lucky asked if he could keep one of the coins, which had been found on every ballroom dancer now lying dead with no markings, just as the bodies that had been turning up at the Watch were found. It was agreed he could keep one as a personal token of the adventure.

As the perplexed and uneasy troupe made their way back to the Saucy Bulwark where they were staying, they noticed the long silver hair of The Wraith flashing as he turned away from the alley where he was watching. He saw that they had seen him, but he took in his stride, always off to be somewhere terribly important.


Taranaich gamoneterik

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