Port Ajax

The first thing most people notice about Port Ajax is the tremendous sea wall, known as The Bulwark. Constructed with magic, mortar and more, The Bulwark protects the town from the constant storms that batter the western Continental coast – providing a safe berth and harbour for thousands of vessels every week

Thanks to The Bulwark, Port Ajax is considered the gate to the continent, as it is the only safe entrance to the trade routes to the Continental cities avoiding passing through the Untamed Seas. From the sprawling port city road caravans can take travellers and trade into the Continental depths, while ships strike out for the Wild Islands, the Newlands and for the right price it’s been known for particularly ambitious captains to take sail for the Dark Nations.

Port Ajax is also known as ‘The city where the whole world comes together to steal from each other’. All races, religions and creeds mix freely, though not always with the best of intentions. This, often tumultuous mix can only be maintained by the constant vigilance of the Argent Orders – the militant arm of Port Ajax’s ruling body, the Trader’s Council.

If you want something you will find it in Ajax, but you may come to regret ever looking for it in the first place.

Port Ajax

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