Ancient History

The stories told in religion are backwards. Gods did not create the universe, but were sprung from the imagination. Before the gods were born, creatures from the beyond sought to infiltrate the world and consume all energy from the Force of Will, which is generated by all life.

Up until around 9000 years ago the elder gods were engaged in a millennia long great war to ensure their survival for all eternity in the face of sudden aggressive expansion from the latest species of humans. Siding with the tribes that had created them, the gods formed alliances or went it alone. They passed on their stories and traits to the people that worshipped them, creating their cultures. They all hoped to create the ultimate master race of human, and thus cement their place in existence.

A great and powerful alliance of gods formed. These gods used their cleverness to inspire their worshippers to consume all the lands and absorb the people around them into their culture. As more and more people came to worship them, their power grew. Eventually they would become the dominant culture across the whole world, but along their way they would experience much violence, jealousy and loss.

One god, who did not wish to share his power over all the sky sought out his people and determined they would be isolated and invulnerable. He created a warlike tribe that would outlast and obliterate any that attacked them. In the end his isolation became his undoing as, almost 3600 years ago, three renegade gods: Stag, Rabbit and Dove stole his people and corrupted their beliefs.

During this time the Dragon, a wise and powerful god-king, decided to eschew the new species and instead gathered around him the last of a dying race of humans. Instead of creating a master race, he instead wished to create a sanctuary devoid of war and expansion. He settled his people on islands far away from all others and created a council of gods. There they discovered a naturally occurring lens that could alter the very balance of the energies of the world. This device would also cause great good and evil to come into being at the mere thought of any human that touched it. As word of the discovery became known, others from between the planes of reality came to capture the lens for themselves. In a state of war against superior opponents, Dragon used the power of the lens to bolster the falling armies of his gods with newly immortal humans then destroyed his island. The surviving gods and people settled around the world, struggling to integrate with the rest of humanity.

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Ancient History

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