The Shattering of The World

Around 3700 years ago there was a fracturing of the bond between Dragon and his pantheon. The particular agitators were Stag, Rabbit and Dove who were incensed at the favouritism Dragon continually showed to the four mortal gods he had created: the triplets Falcon, Wolf and Eagle as well as Raven. This boiled into outright hostility when Dragon declared that he intended Falcon to take over his role as Dragon. Although Falcon refused he instead took the mantle of chief advisor resulting Dove, Rabbit and Stag officially leaving the council. They sought to absorb other cultures to bolster their power and worked themselves into a series of wars in order to spread their influence.

During this period, at the advice of the Falcon, Dragon sought piece with gods all around the world. They were encouraged to step back from meddling in the lives of ordinary humans and instead inspire them to achieve great things. In this moment of hope, Dove lead a surprise attack on the old continental gods, converting large portions of their belief structure and installing the Stag and Rabbit as aspects of their ruler. With the force of belief in the world turned towards them, the three renegade gods spent the next 1000 years becoming the dominant power across the whole world.

Just over 2000 years ago, the now technologically advanced humans became embroiled in a series of wars involving much of the world. Unbeknownst to them these wars were a cover for the renewed war between the gods. The first blow was struck when the renegades convinced Eagle that Falcon’s inaction was harming humanity and allowing injustice and bigotry to flourish. With Falcon and Wolf distracted by combat with their brother, Stag, Rabbit and Dove were able to slay the Dragon along with Bat and very nearly Lion. When Falcon, Wolf and Eagle finally realised they had been played off against each other they turned on the renegades. In the face of the convicted power of the mortal gods, the renegades suddenly discovered the weakness of their power and fled, but Rabbit was not fast enough and fell to the blades of Wolf and Eagle. The encounter had also left Dove and Stag mortally afraid of Falcon who had fought them off both off, leaving them both with scars on their hands that no magic could heal.

Desperately afraid of facing the Falcon again, especially if he were aided by his brothers, or worse, the Raven, the remaining renegades instituted a final war, to destroy enough life to catch him off guard.

Unwitting co-conspirators in the plot, human armies launched weapons of great destruction at each other. The Falcon rushed to the ocean to retrieve the lens and end the war. As soon as the missiles were stopped, Stag and Dove leapt into attack Falcon as he struggled to close the breach in reality he had opened. As the three gods fought, the world exploded and imploded simultaneously, time stopped, gravity ceased and the creatures from beyond sought entrance through the fissure. In desperation the wounded Falcon turned his blade on the lens and thrust it through the eye. The world returned, but the balance of energies was forever ruined. As the bloodied mortal god turned to his attackers, they fled.

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The Shattering of The World

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