Wild Islands Diplomatic Relations

Wild Islanders naturally get along well with the Continentals despite their vast difference in world view because of their shared belief that people have a right to choose their own path.

The Wild Islands are in a crumbling peace, fast approaching war with the Newlanders. The proselytising of the Newlanders is a constant source of conflict and the some Newlanders have (correctly) started to identify Wild Islanders as enemies of their faith. Trade passages to the Continent also strain the relationship.

For the last few centuries the Wild Islands have been at war with the separatist Great Empire. It’s rumoured that a team of adventures from the Wild Islands have discovered the cause and the Empire might re-join the Islands as a result.

There are early reports that a Wild Islands explorer ship has made contact with a distant land known as Ken Honba. What kind of future this will lead to is unclear as yet.

Wild Islands

Wild Islands Diplomatic Relations

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